Press Screening


Theatre for All had a press screening of two new documentary films exploring the memories of war and the hope for a better future: our Korean veterans last testament: KOREAN UNDERTAKER and NOT ONE OF THE FORGOTTEN. 


These two films, the first produced by Theatre for All, offer a unique story and insight into the minds of a passing generation. Viewers are introduced to the life stories of our last Korean War veterans, exploring the memories of a war which the world forgot, wounds that time will not heal and love stories that cross the oceans and have endured for decades.  


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The press screening was held at the Rose Theatre Kingston and here are our happy memories;



Director:  Inseo Park

Camera Director: Sung Jin Park

Producer: Bona Shin

Genre:  Documentry


He opens his old suitcase, puts a yellow envelope in the bag and heads to Manchester airport... ​​​​​​​​​​​


James Grundy, 83, is a veteran who joined the British army when he was just 19 years old at which point he went on to be stationed in the Korean War. As a member of the recovery team, he recovered the dead bodies of many of the soldiers to whom he gave a respectful burial in very harsh conditions.

James has revisited Korea every year, more than 28 times, since 1988 and although he is terminally ill with cancer, he dreams of going to Korea again to complete his last mission. The dream is to one day  be buried with his fellow comrades especially as Busan, South Korea is where his adopted granddaughter, Brenda, works and lives. Officially  the United Nations Memorial Cemetery in Busan, South Korea will not allow for James to be buried there but James believes his granddaughter can help him see his dream come into fruition when the time comes.


Director:  Wanseok Choe

Camera Director:  Inseo Park, Sung Jin Park

Producer: Bona Shin

Genre:  Documentary


 Sixty years ago the guns stopped and the world moved on. Two British Korean War veterans, Jim Tait and Bill Eldrige, went their separate ways and lived entirely different lives. But, six decades on, they continue to remember the so-called 'forgotten war'. Once a month, they both head to Virginia Water, to a local meeting of Korean War veterans and remember those the world forgot and those whose country abandoned them. But the Veterans Association is set to close as their numbers slowly decline. Jim and Bill hope that Dominic, the grandson of one of the veterans, will be able to carry on their memory. Will these brave soldiers and their generation be remembered, or are they condemned to join the ranks of the forgotten? 

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