Paul Lee

Rachel Pearcey

Hanna ten Doornkaat


Theatre4All Visual Arts is pleased to present DRAWINGS, featuring Korean artist Paul Lee, UK artist Rachel Pearcey and UK based German artist Hanna ten Doornkaat.


Marks, repetition, obsession; three words which perfectly describe the works. But these artists’ work could not be more different.


Paul Lee is from Korea and his work has a delicate, contemplative, almost silent feel to it, as though it comes from somewhere else, not here. Circles, and circles, and circles, thousands of tiny and perfectly formed, hand drawn circles spiral out from the centre of the fine, smooth, delicate, brown paper. But then the spiralling movement of these monochrome circles is gently interrupted by coloured circles which seamlessly interlock to form rectangular fields of translucent colour. It is as if there are two drawings, one lightly superimposed, like a veil, upon the other. These drawings are alive, there is constant movement in them, it is contained, but not suppressed.


Rachel Pearcey lived for some years in Somerset and it is the big skies hanging over The Levels, and the sudden, small but assertive hills which erupt from that landscape that inspired this series of six drawings. Fine lines delicately trace the large, simple shapes while strong, short marks layer to build the forms. Then one of the hills rises gently into the sky. The drawings are rather like a storyboard but one which may be read in any order. In spite of the strength of the marks there is great delicacy where the graphite and the white space/sky/void meet. And how they both in turn heighten the creamy richness of the folded printing paper.


Hanna ten Doornkaat‘s current work is about repetition and the pursuit of regularity. By setting out simple, yet strict, rules on the how and the where her marks are made she hopes to impose order upon chaos. But the very act of imposing these rules almost guarantees failure. And therein lies the paradox of her work; rules are made to be broken. Human frailty cannot be legislated against; hands slip, attention wanders, I’m hot, I’m cold, I’m angry, I’m sad, all these things conspire to sabotage her quest to impose order upon chaos. And this imperfection is, of course, that which gives such interest and delight to her work: each repeated mark, shape, colour is different, every time; it may be done in the same way, with the same pen and with the same intent but it still comes out different. She’ll never win. But the evidence of her struggle – these drawings - are mesmerising



Private View 14th January 2014 6pm ~ 9pm  

                            18th January 2014 2pm ~ 4pm


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Photos from Private View on Tuesday 14th January 2014

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