3rd New Malden Arts Festival 


Yoon Bock hee Gala Concert

Music career started at the age of 4. It's been 59 years this year.Unique voice and powerful performance attracted the whole nation.
Stage performance started leading role in Ppa Dam Ppa Dam (1977-1997)

Incredible performance in Jesus Christ Superstar changed the musical history in Korea (1980 -2000), Peter Pan (1979 -1995), Re miserable (1987), Pippin (2005), West Side Story (1985), and All that Jazz My Fair Lady (2008)

Cats' role as Grizabella will be in our MEMORY forever. (1989 -1994)(1977-1997)

Nanta (Cookin')

"Oriental dance, percussion and acrobatics. This show really cooks" Daily Mail
Nanta (Cookin') is a comic dance and music spectacular, which uses traditional Korean rhythms and acrobatic cooking!
"A high energy experience with infectious rhythms" The Guardian

Bong San Tal Chum - Performance & Workshop

Workshops and Performances took place at the academic institutions in New Malden, Surbiton and Kingston upon Thames such as Tolworth Girls School and Kingston College. Also, we participated in local events, such as New Malden High Street Parade (4 July) and International Youth Art Festival (11 July). In addition, the workshops were open to the public, such as individuals and families, on 4 and 5 of July in New Malden Fountain Pub and Malden Centre.
During the festival, Bong San Mask Dance, Korean National heritage No.17 produced a spectacular performance to the community.

Outdoor Events

Theatre For All invites you to various exciting outdoor events on our grand day of festival, 4 July 2009. There will be a Street parade, Outdoor performances and live concerts that you can join in.

You will be welcomed to be part of these activities either as performers, audiences or participants.?

Time and Date: Saturday 4 July 2009, 12.00pm - 05.00pm
Venue: New Malden Fountain Pub

Summer Breeze

Time and Date: Saturday 4 July 2009
Venue: Rear garden of New Malden Fountain Pub

Enjoy the Summer Breeze on 4 July 2009!

A party weekend of outdoor fun that has 3 Fs - Fantastic, Fabulous and FREE. Everybody is invited! Some of the UKs best outdoor performers, with a generous sprinkling of top performers from overseas, will amuse and delight adults and children of all ages. Youll also find irresistible food and drink, enticing market stalls and a few surprises along the way. This is one party you wont want to miss!

Whats happening at the Summer Breeze?
12.00pm  12.40pm Groove Academy
01.00pm  01.40pm Bong San Tal Chum (Korean Traditional Mask Dance)
01.40pm  02.00pm Kook-Ak (Korean Traditional Music)
02.00pm  02.30pm Street Parade (New Malden High Street)
02.40pm  03.00pm Salsa Dance - Titanic 3:00 pm  4:00 pm The Deputies
04.10pm  05.00pm Festival Jazz Orchestra
 Performance schedules are subject to change.)


Whos on stage?


Groove Academy
- The Groove Academy, a community music school based in Hampton, was started 5 years ago by local residents Mark and Angela Ramsay. They have performed at many community events in the London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames and beyond. Last year a group from their school reached the final twelve of the Rock, Pop & Urban category of a National Festival run by Music for Youth and they played at the Carling Academy in Birmingham. On the strength of this performance they were then invited to perform in the School Proms at the Royal Albert Hall in November last year. They are very much looking forward to this, their first appearance, at the New Malden Arts Festival 2009.


Bong San Tal Chum (Korean Traditional Mask Dance) by Ye Min Heoi
Kook-Ak Performance Team (Korean National Folk Song Team)
- Ye Min Hoei, Korean Traditional Culture Research Society of Seoul Institute of the Arts in South Korea, was founded in 1964. Bong San Tal Chum, Korean National Heritage No. 17 has been taught as a compulsory subject in the SIAs curriculum since then. Under the supervision of Prof. Cho Un Yong, the successor of Bong San Tal Chum, Ye Min Heoi has performed in Poland, Spain, Italy, Greece, China and Taiwan delivering the excellence and the knowledge of Korean Traditional Culture. Prof. Cho says, We are delighted to perform at the 3rd New Malden Arts Festival. In the aim of introducing different culture, we will perform this interesting traditional mask dance and music. For some years now, through Yeo Min Heoi, I have endeavored to ensure that Bong San Tal Cum which has been handed down from one generation to another over countless years is maintained and nurtured. As a result we are internationally recognised. Our aim is not preservation for preservation's sake, but rather to continue to reinterpret the Korean ancient humor and great message of Bong San Tal Chum as it is still relevant to our day to day life. You will see messages of good triumphing over evil, and truth winning out in the end through this unique and humorous Korean Mask Dance Performance.

- Korean traditional music is varied and complex but all forms maintain a set of rhythms (called Jangdan) and a loosely defined set of melodic modes. Each regional folk song is characterised by their simple and unique melodic lines and rich texts. Korean National Music teams from Seoul Institute of the Arts will present the quality Korean Traditional Music at the 3rd New Malden Art Festival.  


Salsa Dance by Jong-min Sung & Esmeralda
- Mr. Sung is an acknowledged professional salsa dancer. He plays an important role in Korean Salsa history by organising and promoting salsa events. He studied Sala in New York before he established the fusion salsa performance team Salsa Dance Company in 2002 and participated in Asia Latin Culture Festival in 2006. He organised the Korea Salsa Congress and a global village Carnival at the Hi-Seoul Festival in 2006. He has also won prizes at Hong Kong Open Salsa Competition (2006), Korea Salsa Championship Professional division (2007) and was a finalist at ESPN World Salsa Championship (2007). He actively performs in a showcase of the dance musical Killer (2008).

- Esmeralda is Mr. Sungs dance partner and a wife. She studied dance and majored in Ballet at Busan University. She was a principle dancer at the Tes Dance Company and a member of the NU contemporary dance company. She is also a General Manager of the Korea Pilates Association and is a personal trainer to Song Sun-Mi, a Korean celebrity. She recently released a Pilates training DVD. After Mr. Sung and Esmeralda got married in May 2008, both came to the UK for further studies. They are pleased to perform at the 3rd New Malden Arts Festival 2009 and they look forward to showing fantastic salsa dance to the audience.


The Deputies
- The Deputies are a good time British country rock band. Playing mostly original material from songwriters Rick Cassman (ex Straight Eight) and Brendan Read-Jones (Gnome Sweet Gnome), Mike Howlett (Gong), Richard Lightman (Gonzales), Paul Coppock, Tim Beaton and also featuring Geoff Swettenham on drums and Geoff Mead on piano and hammond organ. Catch the band playing every other Friday evening at The Crown.
The Deputies will play songs from the 1960's and 1970's as well as a few original songs. They have been described as a very exciting group!'
Festival Jazz Orchestra
- The Festival Jazz Orchestra has been around for 20 years. They have 18 players in the band and have had several world class players among the musicians. The Festival Jazz Orchestra plays a variety of music such as Kenton, Woody Herman, Buddy Rich as well as Count Basie, Glen Miller and many more. The band frequently plays concerts and has raised a considerable amount of money for local charities. David Marrion, the leader of the Festival Jazz Orchestra says they are pleased to play for the event at the 3rd New Malden Arts Festival on 4th of July.

Outdoor Performances 
Bong San Tal Chum (Korean Traditional Mask Dance)
Korean National Arts Heritage No. 17
- The Bong San Tal Chum (Korean Traditional Mask Dance) shows a sharp resemblance of the Korean people's facial expressions, their appearances, and also the individual characters of each person appearing in the mask dance. The carvings on the masks for the Seonbi (scholar), Yangban (represent typical character of the bureaucracy or aristocracy), bride, monk, Baekjeong (butcher) of the Hahoe masks are masterpieces. There are 7 chapters in the Bon San Tal Chum that are consisted of the different characters and stories. And the represent characters mock the corruption in society, politics and religion in each chapter. 

- The most attractive characteristic of mask dance is the unity created between the characters and the audience. The masks are now a popular souvenir item among tourists because they reveal the Korean people's sentiment to perfection.

Korean Traditional Cultural Experience
- The best way to learn about Korean traditional culture is to experience it firsthand. There will be many exciting outdoor events at Fountain Pub in New Malden on 4 July 2009. You will taste traditional Korean food, Korean theatre and Traditional Folk games.

Korean Traditional Food
- Janchisang (Korean Traditional Feast Table)
- Janchisang refers to a table prepared for holidays, feasts or other occasions when many people have a meal together. We often think it is good to serve numerous dishes made from high-quality ingredients; however, rather than serving too many, it is best to concentrate on a few main dishes, then prepare a few accompanying dishes, taking into account the colour, ingredients, cooking methods and nutrition of the main dishes.

Korean Traditional Folk Games
- On 4 July, people can experience Korean traditional folk games guided by professional performers. Traditional games include Tuho, Noltuigi, Making Tteok (rice cake) and Jegichagi.
- Noltigi, Korea's version of the seesaw, is a popular holiday activity; the participants (usually women) stand up on opposite sides of a long board and are launched high in the air.
- Tuho is an archery game that everyone can play. You throw an arrow into a narrow-necked jar.
- Pounded Tteok is an activity of making rice cake. The rice cake is pounded by wooden hammer called Tteokme. Typical rice and glutinous rice are peeled off to make grain particles or powder, and steamed in a siru (earthenware steamer) and then placed on a flat wooden tray called Anban. Then, it is pounded using Tteokme until it turns into tteok- the traditional Korean rice cake.
- Jegichagi is a kicking shuttlecock game. During play, you use the legs not the hands to keep the shuttlecock from touching the ground.



Street Parade
Become a part of a parade and Do something different!

An annual street parade, collaborated with Malden Fortnight, will hit the town on 4 July 2009 in the New Malden High Street.  It is a free family spectacular event which everyone in New Malden and Kingston borough can join in.  


Arts Exhibition

Time and Date: Thursday 16 June - Monday 27 June, 2009
Venue: Rose Theatre Kingston

As part of 3rd New Malden Arts Festival, Theatre For All, invites you to an arts exhibition. The art work is on display from 16 June to 27 June 2009 at the Rose Theatre in Kingston.

This year, the festival is aimed at promoting Korean Culture under the theme of Cultural Waves.

One of festivals collaborators, Tiffin Boys School in Kingston upon Thames, contributed their art work under the supervision of Richard Plummer.

"Tiffin School Art department are delighted to exhibit at the Rose Theatre Kingston during the Nanta (Cookin) performances. Some of lower school art works has been created as part of our annual International programme.
Each year, the whole of the year 7 (150 pupils) along with some interested parents, are involved in the creation of large scale, site-specific Art mosaics which then become part of the school environment. Interested visitors are welcome, by arrangement, to visit the department so as to enjoy the works."
- Richard Plummer(Head of Art and Design / International Development)

 Above images are some of fine artworks from Tiffin Boys. These express Korean Alphabet and colour only using plastic bags.

The Arts Salon (previously known as Theatre for All) is a registered charity (1136906).