1st New Malden Arts Festival

Our aim is to help make New Malden a new venue for Arts and Culture within the U.K. Through transforming commercial spaces in New Malden High Street into arts spaces for the public, with a variety of street performances. The performances expected are listed below and Living Statues will perform 20 minutes ahead of each performance.


Art Exhibitions

12 NOV - 17 NOV 2007

To nurture talent of young artists and local artists, exhibitions of their work will be held in a number of venues around New Malden High Street.



1 - Tudor Williams, 53-59 High Street Gallery

2 - Café 32, 32 High Street Gallery

3 - Fonetek, 42 High Street Gallery

4 - Dae Young Travel, 38 High Street Gallery

5 - London New Days Gallery, 2 Alric Avenue KT3 4JN



Artists : Philippa Hilliard, Daniella White, Paul Wright, Robina Hula, Francesca Cho and Janet CrabtreeInteractive


Arts Project ‘Form and Matter’

17 NOV 2007


What if ... everyone did a painting would they be similar?
The project is an examination of what people paint when they pick up a paintbrush. The painted squares of canvas will then be assembled as a collage and ideally be exhibited at a commercial venue.

Exploring the Senses - Visual ... is an exploration of the senses. The performers will use the first location purely visually. The window display area of Tudor Williams will be transformed to a venue. The performers will show the physical reaction to colours in a performance.

Exploring the Senses - Visual & Sound ... The senses are further exploded in the second part of the performance with original sound track added to the visual experience.

Fragments (6min) ... Looking for a personal history through the period of World War II in Rome. Fragments of evidence explore time, meaning and relationship.

Lazy Morning (3min) ... Exploring the physical interaction of cloth and body as someone streches under the bedclothes

Venues: Hairline/ Tudor Williams/ Malden Centre

10:00 - 17:00  'What if' by Philippa Hilliard at Hairline

13:00 - 14:00  'Exploring the Senses - Visual' 
                        by Robina, Janet and Becky at Tudor Williams

14:15 - 15:15  'Fragments' and 'Lazy Morning' by Daniella

15:30 - 17:00  'Exploring the Senses - Visual & Sound' 
                        by Robina, Janet and Becky at Malden Centre


‘Arts spaces for the public, with a variety of street performances. The performances expected are listed below and Living Statues will perform 20 minutes ahead of each performance.



Flute & Cello Duo Hobkirk House (14:00pm)

Brass Jazz Quintet Tudor Williams (15:00pm),

Bar Malden (16:00pm)

Flute Quartet Tudor Williams (16:00pm)

B-boys Dance Tudor Williams (14:00pm)

Waitrose Square (15:30pm) Malden Centre (17:00pm)

Living Statues Tudor williams(12:30) / Waitrose(1:30) MaldenCentre(2:30) / Bar Malden(3:30)


Mime Performance 

A Yearning in My Heartby Jae-kyung Ko 

22 NOV 2007 ~ 24 NOV 2007 at 19:30 Barton Green Theatre Barton Green, Off Elm Road, New Malden KT3 3HU

Directed and played by 
Mime Artist Jae-Kyung Ko

When: 22 NOV - 24 NOV 2007, 19.30
Where: Barton Green Theatre, New Malden
Ticket: £12 / Concession £10

One of Koreas best-known mime artists, Jae-Kyung Ko perfoms his latest production < A Yearning in My Heart>, a series of mime in five parts. It is known as one of Kos best pieces from his twenty years of stage career and it encapsulates the best characteristics of mime and demonstrates his unique talent for communicating with audiences. 
Ko has gained critical acclaim in Korea through his leading performances in productions such as <A Yearning in My Heart> in 2006, <2-man pantomime> a Korean-Japanese co-production, <Dreaming Insects>, <Blanket>, <Newspapers>, <A Present from Rain>, <Bubble Mime> and <Hit and Run>.




A Yearning in My Heart 2007 NMAF.jpg

A Yearning in My Heart 2007 NMAF.jpg